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Job Satisfaction Among Physicians

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Stress Depression and Job Satisfaction among Physicians in Iraq Akiko Kamimura Jason Chen Maziar M Nourian Mary Stoddard and Ali Al-Sarray. Content on this website is for information only. Egypt, to meet needed higher standards in health care. Several occupational factors unique to the PA profession likely contribute to career and job satisfaction, and to symptoms of burnout.

Main Findings We found that factors in several broad categories were important determinants of physician professional satisfaction as detailed below In our. Champions for hospitals were less likely that. The inquiry in a tremendous honor that.

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  1. Hochschild A: The Managed Heart: Commercialization of Human Feeling.
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Each practice completed a structural questionnaire assessing its organizational structure, electronic health record use and capabilities, and participation in innovative payment models.

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The other variables such as gender, educational status and number of patients seen per day had no significant association with job satisfaction level with comparatively more dissatisfaction among female participants, those with lowest educational status and more patients seen per day.

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