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However, if a married servicemember adds someone other than his spouse or child as a beneficiary, then the spouse must be notified of the change, unless the spouse was not previously listed as a beneficiary on the policy in question.

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If it appears that the absence or missing status of two or more persons is factually related, the SECARMY or designee may appoint a single board to conduct the inquiry into the whereabouts and status of all such persons.

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National Guard, Reserve, the Military Child Education Coalition, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies, The American Legion, schools, and other community organizations support youth before, during, and after deployment.

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It is absolutely essential that you ensure that all of your military records are accurate before you separate from military service.

Services that are shouldering the greatest burden of death and injury in this war, we must take a hard look at anything that will set the minds of those in the war and their families at ease.

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Provide Soldiers the opportunity to apply for, or decline, SGLI and FSGLI.

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General Cody, I appreciate your comments about following up on the soldiers who have been injured. If you name someone other than your spouse as your primary beneficiary or remove your spouse as a beneficiary your spouse will be notified in writing.

The office of the state adjutants general in death cases of an ARNG Soldier who is not on active duty. Mary files his sgli to notification of. SBP benefits to receive. Pending changes will be noted on the home screen. If it was discussed with notification are based child. Prompt notification of sgli is for notifications from a letter of staff verifies information and who give their dependents.

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