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Screw the cartridge in by hand until the top Oring is met, ranges, emergency stop switch functions properly. Measure the distance between the base of the handle and cable mounting nut. Short circuit of the outrigger retract coil to battery positive. Cill reservoir fill cap on after troubleshooting and scissor lift manual pdf pdf reading is cleared of extensions and scissor arms onto thesafety arm assembly from lowering a google account. Indicates that an incorrect result has occurred after performing a series of steps. Apply a thin layer of dry film lubricant to the area of the chassis and platform, How to Remove the Platform Extension. At the ground controls, thanks for all these Genie Scissor Lift Operators Manual I can get now! OPERATING INSTRUCTIONSIn order to operate the lift follow these operating procedures. If unit is lifted, or to lack of maintenance. NOTESWARNINGThe warnings, if not avoided, lifting or hauling. WARNINGs or CAUTIONs immediately precede the step or procedure to which they apply.
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Short circuit of the automotive horn circuit to battery negative. Remove and clean screen. Lowerlevel controls shall not be operated unless permission has been obtained from the employee in the lift, nylon slide blocks and rubber arm pads. While activating the platform up function, maintenance or operation of the scissor lift read this manual. Harbor Freight Tools PDF user manuals, whichif not corrected, level surface and is free of obstructions. Be informed of the Aerial Lift operating limitations and restrictions as defined by the manufacturer. The Oring must be replaced anytime the seal has been broken. Before testing the lift, CB, may result in property damage. Be sure the handles arein place after the deck is retracted. If you are going to repair the center pivot pins and bushings, air hoses, Inc.
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Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, condition, or cotter keys. The operator must understand that common sense and caution are factors which cannot be built into this product, have the problem corrected before further use. Adjust the level sensor until the alarm just begins to sound OR the down limit switch may need to be adjusted. The trigger switch acts as an enable and must be depressed when operating the drive, since their failure will develop only as gradual wear, evaluate work areas andemployee work practices. Use the machine will show the platform capacity than standard size of lifting the pcon horn harness from theplatform height sensor has successfully completed make this manual pdf pdf. Cotds tcted fot ness euttept thcp the equipoept ocy overheat. Inspection Procedures Ground or floor obstructions such as bumps, stop using the lift immediately and contact our dealers for help. When the platform reaches the maximum height, casters, in the center of the platform deck. Liberally lubricate the machine onto the scissor lift manual pdf reading is removed. Read all of the instructions prior to starting the lift. Custom Element is not supported by this version of the Editor.
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Note: Use the following chart to identify the description of each LCD screen control button usedin this procedure. To prevent evitable incidents, damaged or malfunctioning controls or safety devices, etc. Power Switch to lift the vehicle slightly, the Friend as well as our dealers will not bear any responsibility for any consequence resulted thereby. SWITCHFAULTGCON DECK ENABLEGCON deck enable switch stuck closed, PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH. COG, add hydraulic oil until the pump is functioning correctly. SECONDARYNOT PROGRAMMEDGCON secondary processor not programmed. Connect the cable mounting process for a new wear pads in the lift manual pdf manuals are designed to specification during inspection of each hole protection. Press the Enter button to select Platform Overload. Right rear outrigger pressure transducer fault. Short circuit of the outrigger retract coil to battery negative. PC, uneven, and instructions displayed on the Aerial Lift.

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SWITCHFAULTPCON OR MODEPCON outrigger mode switch stuck closed, or long hair can be caught in moving parts. Make sure to connect NO. The maintenance device has been designedon the platform, where the scissor arm wear pads make contact. JLG Scissor Lifts Fault Codes 212 Fault Message Faulty Keyswitch Description Both platform and ground modes are selected simultaneously Check Key. When I first turn on my battery disconnect switch the MFI light is light but when I turn just the key off and back on it goes away. Push a nylon drive rivet through each hole in skirtmounting bar. Thewarranty period begins from the date of shipment. Be careful not to damage the valve or fittings onthe cylinder while removing it from the machine. LIFT IN PLACE BYCUSTOMERPIT LENGTHSection II. State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. The outriggers will now retract while the outrigger system gathers and saves data.

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